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Couchtuner Working Website, and How to Stream on it Safely

Couchtuner is an online TV show and Movies streaming sites, that offers a limitless amount of streaming to its users for absolutely free of cost. Since it’s release in 2010 it’s has dominated the market in its own ways.

It offers a wide range of TV shows to stream and has a search feature for users to find their favourite shows easily.

Though it has a search feature, the Design of the site is very messy and continuously popping ads makes it even more irritating for users.

Despite its messy design, it has a strong name for itself in the Pirated Streaming sites market and pretty sure it’s not going away anywhere soon.

Couchtuner features are really impressive, even when I used it for the first time back in 2011. I was impressed and was in love with it. I used to watch TV shows from here almost every day and spent more than 30 hours a week on my couchtuner only, I think it offered pretty much vast variety of features as compared to its competitor back then and that’s the reason for its huge rise.

Some of the notable features of Couchtuner are as follows:

  1. It offers Unlimited streaming, you have no limit on the number of hours you can stream. If you want you can stream 24*7, but only if you are capable of streaming that long :p
  2. It is totally free of cost, and this is the only reason for its popularity.
  3. It has a huge collection of TV shows and Movies, and when I say “huge” that means really huge.
  4. You can browse any genre using Couchtuner.

However, Being a Pirated website, Couchtuner is blocked in many countries and often being deindexed by search engines, so everytime they have to come up with a new domain such as couchtuner ac and couchtuner UK versions which sooner or later again gets ‘s deindexed. Due to this users often get troubled in finding the working Couchtuner website. There is no permanent solution for this as government and Google never gonna allow these sites, hence it will keep deindexing and coming back with new urls.

So I have done quite a research and came up with the best working website of couchtuner that you can use to stream.

The Working Couchtuner Website is Here! (Alternative: This One!)

(I will keep updating the link whenever any new and better couchtuner website will come up so bookmark this page now!)

Though if you directly visit the site you may land up in legal troubles or maybe get you device infected with malware, as couchtuner offers free service their main source of income is by selling ads, that are most of the time harmful for users.

In countries like USA, if you are caught up browsing these types of illegal sites, you may even land up in huge legal troubles, so for avoiding these things I have prepared 2 things you should always do before accessing Couchtuner website.

Beware of Adds or Popups:

If you are a user of Couchtuner then you probably already knew the quality of adds it serves.

Adds on this site are usually click baits and spam, which you should never ever click on them. Always enable you Adblocker before accessing this site.

If due to any reason you are not able to stream because of these adblockers, then disable them but make sure you never click on an ad or popup.

Couchtuner download is a basic ad you will often face on this site but this site never gives any download or register option so any ad stating download of videos in couchtuner is a spam and should be avoided.

Once I have committed the mistake of clicking on download option and got my PC infected with a malware that corrupted almost each of my files, left with no choice I formatted my PC and lost all my data, so it’s on you whether you want to play safe or like me.

Always use a VPN:

VPN or Proxy is required because of two reasons, first is to avoid anyone from tracking you browsing illegal sites and other is to allow you to freely use the site as most of the time these sites are blocked in several countries.

VPN allows to you to choose from different servers from the world and connect using them hiding you real locations.

Best VPN service I recommend is Express VPN, there are many others in the market you can use but this one gives the best experience possible.

(I am not affiliated with Express VPN in any form and only providing it because I find it promising and efficiently working.)

Simple download the VPN and choose any location your choice, connect to that location and enjoy hassle-free streaming. If you find it blocked on newly used location also change it to somewhere else, you will get pretty much lot of option of locations to use.

Since couchtuner is now becoming quite old and messy, I recommend you give try to some of the Alternatives. Most of these are better and well designed for ease of use. One more advantage is most of these alternatives are not blocked by government and can be easily found, hence are way better than old couchtuner.

It’s on you which site you decide to choose but it’s always recommended that you avoid using pirated sites and use legal sites to stream, you will have an ad-free and wonderful experience as these paid streaming sites worth every penny spent.

Even I spent a lot of times of these pirated sites and in the end had paid up the price for that. These sites increase the loss to the team of TV shows and other belongs to them, so try to avoid them and support your favourite TV shows and Movies by buying them legally and using without any tension of being caught.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our topic of Couchtuner, you can ask in the comments.

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